Whisper Group

The First Adventure

Rexo's Slaving Ring

It all began in a bar on Corellia. Zandro and Lucia were just there for the drinks, but Comb and PI925 were on the job. Still attempting to pay back their debt to Borvo the Hutt, they were about to take on a quick and easy in-system shipping job. Conveying merchandise from Corellia to Tralus for a man named Boris

It seemed almost too easy…even at their furthest separation, Tralus and Corellia are in the same star system…why would a simple hauling job pay so much? Simple…the cargo was people. Enslaved children to be precise. Boris had collected children from orphanages and hospitals and was planning to deliver them to the Toydarian pirate Rexo.

Comb and PI9 weren’t that desperate for a buck, though, and when a CorSec raid turns into a full on bar brawl, the pair takes the opportunity to subdue Boris. In the scuffle, Lucia and Zandro become first allies of convenience and then traveling compatriots with the spacer duo.

Stealing Boris’ ship, the Iron Star, the quartet made their way to Rexo’s facility on Tralus, and through a combination of natural stealth, outrageous bluffs, and overwhelming force managed to free nearly 40 children as well as killing Rexo, putting a stop to his ring of illegal activities.

Upon returning to Corellia, the group was briefly lauded as heroes…but with the public’s disconcerting ability to turn a blind eye to the seedy underbelly of society, the good deed was swiftly forgotten. With Comb’s ship in impound, the group had no choice but to keep using the Iron Star when Borvo arrived onworld with a new business venture for his favorite lackeys….



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