Whisper Group

The Tale of the Sa Nalaor

Beyond the Rim Chapter 1

After saving almost 40 children from a lifetime of slavery, one would think that a well-deserved rest would be in order…but it was not to be. Less than a week after their unscheduled trip to Tralus, Comb and PI952 were greeted in their quarters by their erstwhile employer and current debt-holder, Borvo the Hutt. Borvo had not come to the Corellian system to shower the spacers with praise for a job well done, however. On the contrary, he had a mission for them.

Borvo had promised the services of the group to a peroidic business associate of his, Reom of IsoTech. They were to meet with Reom on the space station known as The Wheel, on the oft-traveled Perlemian Trade Route to discuss details of the job. With nothing stopped them from departing immediately, Comb and PI9 gathered their companions Lucia and Zandro and shipped out aboard the Iron Star.

Once on The Wheel, it was an easy task finding the IsoTech office and meeting with Reom, who outlined the venture. At the tail end of the Clone Wars, a Munificent-Class frigate known as the Sa Nalaor disappeared while fleeing from recently-rechristened Imperial forces. The ship was carrying an Arkanian cybernetics expert, Cratala, as well as research and samples of her work. IsoTech, and Reom personally, is very interested in retrieving as much of her work as possible. Very recently an emergency message pod from the Sa Nalaor was found drifting derelict near The Wheel. It contains the last known location of the frigate, giving the first clue in almost two decades to the lost ship’s whereabouts and condition; the planet Cholganna and crashed, respectively.

Reom tasked his protocol droid, IT-3P0, with accompanying the group to the Sa Nalaor’s crash site. The droid could help navigate the ship, as well as identify objects that would be of particular interest to Reom and IsoTech. Instructed to bring whatever information and salvage they could to the IsoTech salvaging base on Raxus Prime, Reom sent the subcontracted spacers on their way. Confident in their ability to handle whatever Cholganna had to offer, the team departed quickly, after a brief scuffle with a rival salvaging operation, the Yiyars. The altercation ended with the Yiyar clan knowing where the Sa Nalaor’s wreck is located, but with their leader detained by Wheel security.



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