Whisper Group

Welcome to the Jungle

Beyond the Rim Chapter 2 Part 1

The trip to Cholganna was anything but smooth…a navigation error dropped the Iron Star out of hyperspace much too far away from the system. Cholganna’s primary star was but a slightly brighter speck against the backdrop of infinite space. Against all odds though, the crew of the Iron Star was not alone. Also occupying this area of space was an Imperial pocket carrier. In true Imperial form, the deployed fighters which shot first and asked questions later. Thankfully for our intrepid adventurers, TIEs are unshielded and don’t take much to take down. A single fighter escaped the space battle, redocking with the carrier which escaped. An omen of things to come? Imperial attention around an unremarkable system like Cholganna can’t mean anything good.

Once in orbit around the planet Cholganna, Zandro demonstrated his computer proficiency by conducting several sensor scans of the planet. Cross-referencing the results with the little information gleaned from the message pod, the crew was able to locate what seemed to be the crash site of the Sa Nalaor, a pair of large metallic objects along a canyon with a river running through it. Deciding to play it safe, Comb elected to do a flyby of both sites before landing in a convenient clearing near the fore section of the crashed frigate.

Upon exiting the ship, Comb makes a startling discovery….someone or something had cleared out a walking path in toward the wreckage. Taking IT-3P0 with them, the group made their way to the derelict and gained access through one of the ship’s main docking bays…although not without some minor damage to PI952 caused by Lucia attempting to manually hurl the droid up to the bay’s lip. Thanks to some quick thinking by Comb though, a makeshift rope was fashioned from hydraulic tubing and the entire crew, including IT-3P0 made it on board.

While exploring the interior of the ship, the group was ambushed by a hungry Nexu, and later had to content with a flesh eating swarm of beetles. But a resolute offense took care of the first attacker, and clever use of grenades dispatched the second. While onboard, the crew found a complete map of the ship, as well as discovering that the vault that would likely contain any cybernetic research would be located in the aft section of the ship. The final piece of their haul was an organic-operated enclosed binary loadlifter; a functioning forklift!

While returning to their ship with their bounty of information and industrial hardware, the group was ambushed by a hunting/mating pair of arboreal octopi. Thankfully, they caused only a minor hindrance, and everyone made it back on board the Iron Star with only minor injuries. Lifting off from Cholganna’s surface, the group makes the decision to spend the night in the relative safety of the ship and remain in orbit until local dawn. The next morning, they plan to land near the aft section of the ship and find the vault inside. Hopefully the evening’s delay will not cause problems going forward….



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